Southeast Regional report

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Almost all accounts I visited last week had Northwest Cherries in the ad and on the front page of the mailers sent to homes.  Prices ranged from a low of $1.99 per lb to a high of $2.99 per lb.   I was in 6 different retailers during the last week, and quality in all stores looked great.  Cherry sizes varied in the bags themselves, but most were 9-10 row or larger.   Publix had outstanding displays and if fact had Cherries displayed in 3 different locations throughout the store. The cherries were very large, very fresh with bright green stems and firm.  They were selling in the store I was in and personally saw 3 different customers pick up a bag and put them in their cart.  This store was one of the few that still had Ranier Cherries.  They were in a clam container.  The other retailer that still had Raniers was Harris Teeter.  They were in bags, and the ranier cherries were large.  The dark red cherries were large as well.  Harris Teeter had 2 displays in their store and advertised at $1.99 lb.  Other large retailers that had nice displays and were on ad were Food Lion,  at $2.49 lb, BiLo at $2.99 lb, and Ingles.   A smaller chain that I call on, Galaxy Foods,  just had the NW cherries on the produce rack, but the store was small itself and price was $2.99.   Again, quality in all stores was great, product was moving, and you could tell that stores were turning their inventories.   One thing that surprised me a little bit was the appearance of large eastern peaches in the ads.  I say large as I personally went to the stores and checked them out.  Food Lion, and Harris Teeter had them in the ad at $1.49 lb.  Quality was good and the size was 70 count or larger.  The Eastern Peaches in both chains appeared to be from Virginia.  The Aldi stores had peaches in their stores priced at 59 cents each.  They were from Titan farms out of South Carolina.