Regional Report - New England

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Support during the last two full weeks of July continues to be very good, with all but one or two of my retailers advertising cherries, many of them with the ad on the front page of their circular.  In addition, virtually all of them had large, prominent displays, many at the entrance to the store, or at the entrance to the produce department.  During the last couple of weeks, I visited many retailers across the district.  Virtually every one had large displays but I have to say that I was disappointed by some of the quality and size of the fruit.  Most of the fruit was good, but none of it was great, and some of it was pretty marginal in both size and flavor, likely impacting either initial or repeat sales.  During these last two full weeks of July, displays and advertising continue.  Prices this week are from $1.77 to $3.99, mostly at $2.99 or less.